No Robots Involved

Jewellery is deeply personal, and therefore we believe it should be crafted with human hands. Each product offered by Chatoyer is hand-made with personality, compassion, and heart.

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Through the ages, bangles have been significant as symbols of luck, wealth, and style. View our top of the line hand-crafted bangles and start building your stack layer by layer.


Make a simple statement, or a dramatic one, with one of our signature hand-crafted necklaces. Each piece has been selected with care, to offer style-enhancing accessories to your wardrobe.


Looking for stunning accent pieces, beautiful gifts, or simple stackable bands? Shop our rings to find delightful pieces at affordable prices in many different colors and styles.


Hoops, studs, drops, and dangles, we have something for everyone with our earring selection. Find an assortment of colors and styles, hand-crafted with great care.

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Perfect Imperfections

Factory produced items might come out flawless but they lack personality. We provide quality hand-made items that come with stylish imperfections that give them an authentic look that can’t be duplicated by a machine.