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Jewellery and Skin Undertones:

Which Jewellery Color Suits You Best
Amongst a myriad of color choices and jewellery materials like Platinum, Silver, White Gold, Yellow Gold, and Rose Gold, have you wondered how you should go about when shopping for the right jewellery for yourself? Well, just like one has to be thoughtful when putting together random pieces of jewellery, there is a lot to be said for matching jewellery shades to your skin undertones as well. It is not mandatory, but it does reflect your choice of class and the kind of vibes your internal aura brings about. Also, choosing jewellery according to your undertones helps bring out the best of your complexion and make you glow.

How it all Falls Together
The mystery lies with the fact that certain skin undertones complement the way a particular metal looks on the body and the contrast it makes reflecting the elemental metal color. Figuring out your skin undertone is no rocket science and can be done so with a little experimentation and research. However, once you have that figured out, it’s all about getting the combination right, to pull off your jewellery’s look. The skin undertones are broadly distinguished as warm, cool, or neutral;
In the paragraphs to follow, we take a look at each of the three broad categories and their complementing shades of jewellery.

Warm Skin Undertone
You can easily figure out if you have warm skin undertone by observing the color of your veins under natural light. If your veins appear green or olive, and you tan easily in sunlight, you belong to the warm skin category. As the word suggests, warm skin tones seem welcoming to all the shades of gold, which includes hues of the neighboring orange family, a yellow family of colors, tints of red, shades of copper and bronze. So if you have a warm skin undertone, go for the shades of gold.

Cool Skin Undertone
Veins of people with cool undertones appear blue-purple in natural sunlight. If your skin burns in the sun but resists tanning, this is your category! People with cool skin undertones seem to look their best when wearing white gold, platinum and, silver jewellery as it appears to balance their overall color-skin chemistry. There are plenty of elegant looks to explore for those with cool skin undertone.

Neutral Skin Undertone
People with neutral skin undertone have nothing to worry about! Their veins seem to be a mix of both green and blue. With a complexion blend of both the undertones above, neutral skins get to enjoy all sorts of jewellery. Be it gold, silver or rose gold, you get to pull off all the options, depending upon your choice of design and what suits your look.

With a wide variety of jewellery available in our shop, choose the ones that complement you, and your attire, the best.

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