Summer Jewellery: What’s good?

What to do this summer?, make a statement?, go elegant?, keep it simple?. Summer is light and airy; it is fresh and says to the world look at me! With minimum clothing, we get a chance to really show off. We already have an idea of whats in this summer from browsing around online, so let’s look at a couple of pointers for our summer look in 2020.

With more skin being exposed in summer, the jewellery your wearing is likely to get much more attention. In summer 2019, jewellery trends were pendants, animal prints, Strada hoops to name a few. This summer, we tend to be moving into the oversized and shell pendant era. Here are some trends you should be considering this summer:

Bright Bold Color:
Let’s add some color; summer 2020 is looking bright, bold, and colorful. While some people may be more comfortable sticking with gold or silver(which is fine by the way), Colorful jewellery, especially earrings, will be the statement pieces to anticipate.

Oversized Chains:
Put your small chokers away as oversized chains are taking over this summer. The good news is there is an oversized chain for every occasion and whatever look your going for , also now is probably the time to really consider your skin undertones for more info on that click here.

Single Earrings:
Single earrings are also in; a fashion trend that seems to be getting more popular as time goes by. The truth is if you want to stand out this summer. Single earrings are a trend you need to consider adding to your collection.

Are pearls always in? Maybe, but it sure does seem that way. This summer, pearls are rocking. Pearls offer a look of elegance and grace and serve as a perfect accompaniment to most outfits.

Big hoops:
What is summer without big hoop earrings to go along with sleeveless and strapless tops? Big Hoops in different sizes and colors are in this summer and will undoubtedly be one of our big sellers this summer.

For sure statement-making jewellery will be where its at this summer. Summer 2020 seems to be the year of oversized and colorful jewellery, which is great for us, at Chatoyer Jewellery, we have precisely what you are looking for. Be sure to check out our collection. Click here to shop now.

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