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The History And Style Of Stacked Bangles 

The humble bangle, defined as a simple circular band that goes around the wrist and is closed either by form or by clasp, is actually the oldest piece of recorded jewellery to be found by archeologists. A bangle made of stone, believed to be over 40,000 years old, was dug up in Siberia and was believed to have been worn by an early species of man.

The oldest real proof that we’ve found of the bangle being worn as decoration comes from a 4,500 year old statue found during the excavation of Mohenjo-Daro in Pakistan. They named the statue, “The Dancing Girl.” It depicted a tall, skinny young girl with bangles completely covering one arm in a decorative style. 

Bangles With Various Meanings

Bangles have significant meanings to different cultures all over the world. Their meanings vary as does their style and color. Stacked bangles are worn by women all over the globe for fashion statements as well as for rituals like weddings. Here are just a few examples:

India: Bangles are very popular in India and brides will wear large elegant bangle stacks on their wedding day for luck. They have significant religious meaning in Hinduism and even young girls will wear them. 

China: In China, women will often wear one or more bangles made of jade to ward off evil spirits. They can be worn by both men and women for that purpose. 

Africa: Simple bangles worn up the arms of women during specific rituals may indicate or show off the wealth of their husbands. For a period of time bangles were part of a dark history in the slave trade as well.

While early civilizations wore wrist bands to protect them in battle or ornamental bangles as status symbols or for luck, people today in western nations typically wear them for fashion. They can become a lovely accent piece and elevate your look. 

How To Stack Your Bangles 

Bracelet stacks today are often worn for fun and style to accessorize your outfit. They are a fun way to show off your personality as your personal tastes are shown off in the types of bangles you select for your stack. 

Your stack should contain three elements; a foundation piece, textured (middle) pieces, and complementary pieces. The foundation should be a bold chunky piece that starts off the stack and anchors it. The textured pieces mix and match, you can use different styles and materials here. The textured pieces are the more fun and colorful pieces of the stack.

Finally, add in some plain but elegant bangles to fill in the stack and add volume. The size or length of your stack will be different for different occasions. A small stack of silver or gold jewellery would be more appropriate for a wedding or other formal event. A larger stack that jingles and jangles when you walk or move your arm would be for a more casual setting. So have fun and let your imagination run wild.

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